Thursday, January 22, 2015

In the modern world, where technology is a major part of our life, you don't need to to only have written but design in it too. To clearly communicate we need to use both the written and design. Communication is now art that we show off. each one of us is a artist each day , each minute we communicate.In writing and designing its a process of creation, destruction and display. We create works,destroy and edit them and  we show off the final product.Both cannot work without the other. IF you don't design and your writings the communication turns bad. For me writing is now involving to a new level with designing it as i go. i no longer treat it as a writing but as art that i want to show off to the world.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

I think of blogs as a mean of communication in the modern world. It enables us to share our lives and thoughts with strangers all around. in a blog it is easy to discuss your feelings and see that there is a tons of people all around the world who share the same feelings or the same views. I once thought that a blogger was a type of person that would sit in front of a computer and just type and they would only live in a virtual world. Now I see that this can be anyone , from the worlds greatest athletes to the shy people in your class. i would find it useful to have a blog to share with the world my experience and my adventures in life, especially my road to becoming a pilot.  It's a new way of communicating through the world.