Thursday, February 19, 2015

The poster that I would like to discuss is the Harry Potter poster. When you look at the poster, you see that this sis a movie that was made recently, with the new technology. You can tell by looking on the poster that this was created recently,This is a action movie. You can tell by all the blood on the faces of them , which means there will be fighting. The colors of the movie are dark, like dark red and the dark skies behind them. it shows the evil and the darkness that that is happening.  the design of the poster with harry potter and valdomore having face to face is like two boxers going face to face right before a fight. Also with the wand in between them giving off a white shine symbolizes hope and good. With the caption at the bottom of the poster saying "IT ALL ENDS 7.15" shows that this is the final movie, the final showdown between these two characters. When you look at this poster, you can see that this will be a good movie. The way that the designers positioned the two actors with only their faces showing and them both staring at each other shows a final confrontation. This effect has feeling of a great action.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Photo Essay
In the life of a ramp worker , we deal with a lot of different scenarios and issues. It’s a long and complicated process that starts in the operations room and terseness into the entire operation. It starts with one person who prepares for us the layout of what is going to happen; with baggage coming off or what’s going out. It’s a process that starts hours before the passengers show up and the plane arrives.  We are only a fraction of a huge operation that not only is happening here but also in Poland (in the case of my job). This entire operation is based off a strong leadership and actions that build of each other.  The final step before out journey begins with you, the passenger. As you part with your bag , we receive it and send it on a journey through the miles of tunnels to us. And from their the story begins. And we would like to present to you this journey that gets your plane ready for flight. 

Purpose Statement.
I’m trying to show the passengers flying, all the hard work that is put in in prepping the plane for its flight. Show the hard work and skill it takes to get the plane air born and how all the actions made on the ground reflect one another. I hope the audience will see the hard work we have to go through and understand our side. I would like the passengers to see and sympathize with us. I constantly see and hear from passengers that it takes too long, that they are never satisfied or that we don’t care in preparing the flight, I want them to see that we do put up with a lot of issues and problems just to get them on time. We have to deal with the brutal conditions outside, failing equipment and conditions beyond our control.  One of the best possible outcomes would be, if the passengers would reflect on their actions and appreciate the hard work we do. I can see the best possible outcome happen, with the passengers appreciating the work and acknowledging our actions.

The audience of this photo essay would be anyone traveling on a flight and also the workers themselves to see the impact they make on these passengers. Audience would most likely consist of passengers, family members dropping them off and workers of the airport. We would like them to notice all the operations that are happening behind their backs. I understand that these passengers really need to go , that they are nervous or are in a hurry. But they need to know that we work twice as hard and fast to get the plane ready to fly.

The communication will take place after the passengers bored the planes and are seated in the plane. It would let them see the hard work of preparing he flight. It would be shown as a quick clip before the flight departs. With this they will have time to reflect. With them inside the plane itself, they would be able to see the work that was done for them.

Design Plan
Purpose: My purpose for this photo essay is for my audience to realize and see that ramp operations are a hard job and that we are also humans. Mistakes do happen but that is because we are humans. My audience consists of passengers and anyone interested in ramp operations. I want them all to see the steps and hard work it takes to get the plane ready for the flight. Most people don’t know but the operation behind this takes place in two different countries. Once the passengers see the hard work, they will understand and be more compassionate to us.


Ethos-  I will come across to the audience  with professionalism. The pictures would show the hard work we do along with a couple funny ones to show that we are also humans.

Pathos- I will change the coloring on certain pictures to show and highlight certain processes. Also the way my type font is set up.

Logos- my slides would be set up in a chronological order to show the process and the story behind it. The layout will be in a organized fashion to show the steps.

Medium : I will use pictures , and narrative to show a story. Most of It will consists of pictures with a minimal narrative.

Arrangement:  I will arrange the slides in a chronological order to show the process from the beginning  of the operation to the end. I will place the pictures in such a way that they slide along with the operations. The audience will not have to look to much not to see the pattern. I will start with the most amazing picture I have and grab their attention.

Testing:  In order to  test the project I will have  it presented to the passengers as they board the plane.
When I sat out to do this project, I had a lot in mind on how I would create this project. In my head I developed this perfect setup, but as history tells us , its never the way we imagine  it. the project stated out smoothly , I obtained my pictures and was slowing setting up my slides. Then came to the writing part and my operation came to a screeching halt. What in the world do I write. Writing is not my strong side. I started to write something and maybe I could get on the right path, but that clearly did not happen. If that was not the worst , I had to add ethos, pathos and logos. From what I thought would be a super easy simple and fun project , came this . Im not going to lie, I enjoyed the taking of the pictures but when it came to writing I hated it. But in the end I developed a finish Product and now I wait to see the judgment from everyone about it.