Thursday, February 19, 2015

The poster that I would like to discuss is the Harry Potter poster. When you look at the poster, you see that this sis a movie that was made recently, with the new technology. You can tell by looking on the poster that this was created recently,This is a action movie. You can tell by all the blood on the faces of them , which means there will be fighting. The colors of the movie are dark, like dark red and the dark skies behind them. it shows the evil and the darkness that that is happening.  the design of the poster with harry potter and valdomore having face to face is like two boxers going face to face right before a fight. Also with the wand in between them giving off a white shine symbolizes hope and good. With the caption at the bottom of the poster saying "IT ALL ENDS 7.15" shows that this is the final movie, the final showdown between these two characters. When you look at this poster, you can see that this will be a good movie. The way that the designers positioned the two actors with only their faces showing and them both staring at each other shows a final confrontation. This effect has feeling of a great action.

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